My Canon T3i Review – Should You Buy This Camera?

Canon T3iDespite the tough competition, Canon still remains to be one of the most powerful and popular brands in the market. So far, it has designed and launched several pro cameras that received accolades from their patrons and even from their competitors. But we’d probably leave a lot of our praises for coming up with entry-level cameras that work almost just as good as their semi-pro equivalents. One of these is Canon T3i.

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Canon T3i is more known as Canon 600D in Europe. It was released as a replacement for Rebel T2i, but a lot of users would like to simply refer to it as an upgrade. After all, they share a lot of similarities.


Lightweight Body, Incredible Screen

T3i is made from a plastic body, which makes it significantly lighter from other cameras, including entry-level ones. Moreover, it’s incredibly compact or smaller than what you’re used to. Some may find handling this awkward at first, probably because they’re used to carrying and testing the heavyweight semi-pro and pro cameras, but it simply fits perfectly in your hand. A Canon T3i review may point out its thickness, but you can easily ignore it.

Canon T3iThe screen is interestingly bigger than that of other entry-level cameras at 3 inches. Moreover, it boasts of a very high resolution at 1.04 million dots/VGA, so colors are absolutely outstanding, and an aspect ratio of 3:2. It is also a Vari-angle LCD screen, which can be opened sideways, so you can shoot even when you’re mounting it on a tripod. This type of LCD screen can be rotated in different angles, from 90 to 180 and even 175, so it’s convenient to shoot at unusual angles, such as ground level and overhead. And to make sure that details remain very vivid, the surface is coated with three layers of anti-reflection and smudge resistance.

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The biggest advantage of T3i over its predecessor as well as other DSLRs is the presence of the articulating screen, which is excellent if you want to get a good preview of movie shots or create self-portraits precisely.

Many high-end DSLR users have often complained about controls and buttons, which are a lot and too complex to use. Canon has decided to scale this down for T3i, so you only have to deal with very few but essential buttons. Besides strategically placed, the buttons also include the Feature Guide that provides descriptions on key settings.

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Brilliant Photos (250)

Some pundits believe that T3i doesn’t have enough depth as other entry-level cameras, but it tries to compensate this by the integration of 18MP CMOS sensor, which creates not just stunning and very clear photos but also gives the camera an ability to take snapshots even at very low lights. The processor, moreover, works alongside DIGIC image processor to greatly reduce the noise in images and enhance the efficiency of the pixels. And though the battery isn’t as long as that of other cameras, it is decent enough. The processor helps reduce the power consumption of T3i.

Canon T3iSince the camera is at full HD 1080p at 30 frames per second, you just don’t end up capturing moments as they are unfolding, but the images appear brilliant and the colors crisp. Every detail is preserved because of its 9-point Auto Focus system with its exposures perfectly controlled by the 63-zone dual-layer sensor. ALO, or auto lighting optimizer, helps maximize the brightness to images appear more pleasant and works in conjunction with the peripheral illumination correction powered by the DIGIC processor.

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For higher accuracy in shooting subjects, the camera is fitted with scene detection technology. It also has the intelligent auto settings, which tells you the best types of settings to use for any given situation, as well as a variety of picture styles, such as standard, landscape, portrait, monochrome, and neutral. You can also modify the “mood” of the photos with choices like Warm, Intense, and Cool from Basic feature and try out effects like Fish Eye, Grainy Black and White, Soft Focus, and Toy Camera.  For a bit of drama and play with light, you can get your hands on the Speedlite flashes.

There are two T3i downsides, however. First, it doesn’t have the AF microadjustment, which is found in 7D. It should have helped modify the focus of lenses when you’re back or front focusing. There’s also no locking mode dial to prevent the mode dials from rotating accidentally and an image stabilization function to prevent or reduce the blur.

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Decent Videos Right at T3i

T3i isn’t equipped with all the good deals offered by camcorders, so you don’t have to ditch the latter first. However, if you find great pleasure and challenge in using manual focus, this is an affordable and great Canon camera option to choose.

Canon T3iThe clips are meant to be in full HD to help you achieve that film look. The camera also allows you to instantly shift from video to still images in a second. The Movie Digital Zoom feature, on the other hand, allows you to focus more on the subject while shooting the videos but without reducing the great HD effects. A very interesting function in video mode is Video Snapshot. It’s supposed to help you shot very short clips, no more than 10 seconds. A number of budding photographers don’t really know the reason for such, as the usual goal is to create an uninterrupted video shot. Nevertheless, you can collate them, add some background music, and create a more or less seamless video you can watch in the camera’s LCD screen or your HDTV via an HDMI connection.

Like in T2i, you cannot rely much on the autofocus. Besides the fact that it’s not as superb as that of camcorders, the built-in microphone also tends to pick up whatever noise it produces. You simply have to learn how to do more with the manual controls, which, fortunately, are available in different frame rates (up to 24 fps for HD and 60 fps for 720p resolution. If you have to amplify the sound, there’s an external microphone jack.

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Accessories, Batteries, and Memory Cards

Lenses can greatly improve the quality of your images and maximize your creativity. With them, you can capture panoramic shots without missing a lot of details, create macro shots for very small objects, and bring distant images a lot closer. T3i has been designed to work with more than 60 different types of EF lenses, which are widely used all over the world. On the other hand, you can expand your storage through the memory card slot that can hold an SD.

With regards to the battery, T3i has one similar to that found in T2i. This simply means that it’s a totally different battery that is fitted in a lot of Canon models.

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What’s in the Box?

  • EOS Canon 600D/Rebel T3i body
  • IS Type II lenses, EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
  • EW-100DBIII Wide strap
  • IFC-130U USB interface cable
  • Eyecup Ef
  • AVC-DC400ST AV cable
  • LP-E8 battery pack
  • LC-E8E battery charger
  • EOS Digital Solution Disk
  • Instruction manuals
  • Booklets, Do More with Macro, Great Photography Is Easy


What People Are Saying about Canon T3i

1. The Canon T3i price is more affordable than T2i.

2. The articulating screen adds more value to the camera.

3. Buttons are few and easier to learn and press.

4. You can come up with full HD quality video and pictures.

5. It is smaller than the other entry-level cameras.


Where to Read another Canon T3i Review

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Canon T3i Review: Do Not Buy Without Reading This First

It isn’t really a good Canon T3i review if it doesn’t list down a number of downsides about the product. There’s no perfect camera in the market, and as a discerning consumer, it’s important you know these types of information. After all, you want to get your money’s worth.

There are a number of pitfalls, issues, or flaws found in Canon T3i, but several of them can already be resolved. Here are some examples:

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The microphone picks up the sound of the autofocus. Canon T3i doesn’t in any way replace your camcorders. In fact, it’s not the best equipment to use to shot movies, unless you’re thinking of home-made ones. This is because it doesn’t have stellar autofocus. It cannot sustain shooting a very long sequence without losing the autofocus feature. Worse, the sound can easily be picked up by the internal microphone.

If you encounter such sound issues, one of the best ways to do is to reduce the sensitivity of the in-built mic. If you want to upgrade the quality, you can always purchase an external microphone you can comfortably attach to the camera’s external mic jack.

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The camera has a low battery life. This is partially true. Though the batteries can last for a couple of days of extensive shooting, they wouldn’t last as long as those found in other cameras, including entry-level ones. Moreover, T3i or Canon 600D uses a special battery, which means you cannot attach those used by other Canon models.

Nevertheless, there’s a way to extend its life, and one of these is to limit the use of Eye-fi. This is a technology that allows you to upload images wirelessly. This way, you can skip removing and transferring photos from your memory card to your PC. The camera doesn’t have the ability to shut itself off after uploading.

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Canon T3iYou feel that the swivel screen is going to fall off. This thinking may have been caused by the fact that the camera has a plastic body. It is, of course, not as durable as the metal alloy construction used for other Canon cameras. But that doesn’t mean it’s poorly made. It is still sturdy, including the swivel screen. To avoid any worries, you can just turn the screen inward.

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The videos appear shaky or grainy. A Canon T3i review may tell you about the manual issues of the camera. Actually, it has something to do with the poor autofocus. Because it isn’t really good, you have to depend on the manual control, which makes it difficult for you to pan and zoom on images all together. The quality becomes mediocre too if you don’t have steady hands.

You can use the Video Snapshot feature instead, which shots video clips up to 8 seconds, and then piece all the videos together. Another choice is to make use of a tripod. You can also simply edit the clips later and view it in your screen or HDTV via an HDMI connection.

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With all these faults, why is a Canon T3i price still good? Besides getting resolutions to most issues, you can also find a great buddy from Rebel T3i, especially if you’re just starting out. The buttons are easy to use; the screen produces quality HD for photos and videos; and there are a lot of styles, guides, and effects you can rely on.

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Canon T3i Review – Canon T3i vs Canon T3: Which Is Better?

Just because they share almost the same name does not mean they also possess a lot of similar features. For one, T3 was released as Rebel XS, which had been in the market for more than 2 years. T3i, meanwhile, was set to replace T2i. It’s actually T2i and T3i that share so many options and benefits.

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Canon T3i vs Canon T3

Though they have some shared attributes such as slower max shutter speed, lack of image stabilization, and fewer slots for storage, they still have more differences.

You will likely buy Canon T3 if you want a longer battery life. Canon T3i has a very decent lifespan for its battery. From the time it’s fully charged until it is empty, you can take around 440 shots. However, you will get almost twice the same number if you use Canon T3. Simply put, it uses less power than T3i.

Canon T3iCompared to other entry-level DSLRs, both are actually cheaper, thinner, and lighter. This could be because they are made from plastic body. They also have almost the same physical vulnerability. Nevertheless, if you will do some research, Canon T3i price will turn out to be pricier. This camera is also tad heavier and thicker. The good thing is you’ll hardly notice the difference, and you can already ignore them.

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But for us, Canon T3i price is more worthy, if you take simply count the most important features. For one, it has a better and higher screen resolution at 1.04 million dots/VGA. Generally, you want a higher pixel density so images are a lot clearer, their colors more vivid, and the details are more refined. And though this does not have any image stabilizer, it still has the ability to reduce image noise.

Canon T3i also fares very well when you are taking pictures in areas with very low light. If you decide to go camping under the moonlit night, this is one of the cameras you should take. Further, due to noise reduction, the image still stands out. It is also equipped with ALO, which makes the most of any available light to reach the desired brightness for your photos.

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T3i or Canon 600D is one of the very few cameras that come with an articulating screen. This way, you can self-view videos in real time. You can also conveniently take self-portrait shots.

You can also count on Canon T3i if you’re looking for quality videos. The screen resolution is high, quite similar to that used in films. Moreover, even if it already has a built-in microphone, which you can also use as a monorecorder, it is sill fitted with an external mic jack, something that’s missing in T3.

Besides being able to play around with its zooming technology and Video Snapshot, a Canon T3i review will also tell you that it’s a lot better in terms of shooting continuously. has more reviews about both. Use the information you gather, however, to come up with pros and cons for each.

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Canon T3i Review

Canon T3i is a pretty nifty entry-level camera. The Canon T3i price is often considered one of the most reasonable, while the equipment has almost all the features you’re looking for your first DSLR.

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Physically, the camera has a dimension of 6 inches by 9 inches by 8 inches and weighs just around 4 pounds. It is one of the smallest and the lightest, making it convenient to carry, especially in long-distance travels. Moreover, the rubber grip ensures it doesn’t immediately slip from your hands. The plastic body isn’t the most durable, but it’s strong enough for you to hold on to the equipment for a few years. Just make sure you don’t accidentally drop it.

Canon T3i has an excellent screen with a very high pixel resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio. There’s also the Vari-angle screen, which you can rate from 175 to 180 or 90. This is helpful if you’re shooting at unusual angles such as on the ground or overhead. To keep the screen squeaky clean, it’s polished smudge-resistant and anti-reflection coating.

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Even if it’s only entry level, it’s one of the very few that possesses an articulating screen that provides instant preview. You can also use it too in doing accurate self-portraits.

It doesn’t offer a lot of depth to your photos, but the Canon T3i price already gives you with an 18MP CMOS sensor that makes it handy when you’re shooting in areas with not enough light or there’s darkness. It pairs with DIGIC image processor that reduces image noise and increases pixel efficiency.

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Canon T3iThis camera is designed to be quite fast to ensure that no important detail is lost. Besides getting a full HD photo quality, you can also take advantage of the 30 frames per second. Other notable features include the 9-point AF system and the 63-zone dual-layer technology, which help regulate the exposure level of your photos so they don’t appear too under- or overexposed. It also has the ability to maximize whatever light is available via the auto lighting optimizer or ALO.

Budding photographers would also enjoy taking pictures after knowing there are plenty of settings, modes, and effects to play around. Though the choices are not as comprehensive as those found in other cameras, they can still add drama or mood. Some of the options are the Grainy Black and White, Fish Eye, and Toy Camera.

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The video quality of T3i is all right. It’s not the best you’ll ever have, but it’s decent enough. Know, though, that you’ll be heavily depending on its manual settings, as it doesn’t have a stellar autofocus. If you have shaky hands, it may be a good idea to invest on a tripod.

Despite this flaw, Canon T3i still provides you with some exciting video options such as the Video Snapshot that lets you save up to 8 seconds’ worth of clips. Then there’s Movie Digital Zoom that lets you zoom in and out with no loss to its HD quality.

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