Canon T3i Review – Canon T3i vs Canon T3: Which Is Better?

Just because they share almost the same name does not mean they also possess a lot of similar features. For one, T3 was released as Rebel XS, which had been in the market for more than 2 years. T3i, meanwhile, was set to replace T2i. It’s actually T2i and T3i that share so many options and benefits.

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Canon T3i vs Canon T3

Though they have some shared attributes such as slower max shutter speed, lack of image stabilization, and fewer slots for storage, they still have more differences.

You will likely buy Canon T3 if you want a longer battery life. Canon T3i has a very decent lifespan for its battery. From the time it’s fully charged until it is empty, you can take around 440 shots. However, you will get almost twice the same number if you use Canon T3. Simply put, it uses less power than T3i.

Canon T3iCompared to other entry-level DSLRs, both are actually cheaper, thinner, and lighter. This could be because they are made from plastic body. They also have almost the same physical vulnerability. Nevertheless, if you will do some research, Canon T3i price will turn out to be pricier. This camera is also tad heavier and thicker. The good thing is you’ll hardly notice the difference, and you can already ignore them.

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But for us, Canon T3i price is more worthy, if you take simply count the most important features. For one, it has a better and higher screen resolution at 1.04 million dots/VGA. Generally, you want a higher pixel density so images are a lot clearer, their colors more vivid, and the details are more refined. And though this does not have any image stabilizer, it still has the ability to reduce image noise.

Canon T3i also fares very well when you are taking pictures in areas with very low light. If you decide to go camping under the moonlit night, this is one of the cameras you should take. Further, due to noise reduction, the image still stands out. It is also equipped with ALO, which makes the most of any available light to reach the desired brightness for your photos.

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T3i or Canon 600D is one of the very few cameras that come with an articulating screen. This way, you can self-view videos in real time. You can also conveniently take self-portrait shots.

You can also count on Canon T3i if you’re looking for quality videos. The screen resolution is high, quite similar to that used in films. Moreover, even if it already has a built-in microphone, which you can also use as a monorecorder, it is sill fitted with an external mic jack, something that’s missing in T3.

Besides being able to play around with its zooming technology and Video Snapshot, a Canon T3i review will also tell you that it’s a lot better in terms of shooting continuously. has more reviews about both. Use the information you gather, however, to come up with pros and cons for each.

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